Contact 62-B District Court 

Fax: 616.698.8199


62-B District Court
4740 Walma S.E.
Kentwood, Michigan 49512

Official Communication

Any official documents, filings, or documents of legal significance should come via the appropriate method under the courts rules or governing statute.  Mail is the generally accepted method.  But personal delivery, fax, or other carrier may be used if allowed by the court rules or governing statue.

Court Directory  

Division Phone
Traffic and Fines (616)-698-9310
Auto Attendant Telephone Payments (616)-698-9310
Landlord Tenant Division (616)-554-0714
Small Claims (616)-656-5301
Criminal Division (616)-554-0711
Hearings for Traffic (616)-554-0812
Probation Department (616)-656-5326
Cashier/Collections (616)-455-2365
Transcripts (616)-554-0716
Weddings (616)-554-0714
Court Administrator/Magistrate (616)-554-0715
Court Recorder/Judge's Secretary (616)-554-0716
Cashier/Collections Additional Contact Number (616)-554-0811
Criminal Division Additional Contact Number (616)-554-0786