Court (62-B District)

Court Contacts

62-B District Court Contacts
Please use the following contact information to reach the 62-B District Court.


Jacqueline Coriano
Brenda Mayer 616.554.0811
 Small Claims Division  Latisha Lee
Tierra Love-Jones 616.656.5301
General Civil Division

Nichole Ruesink
Nancy Morford 616.554.0713
 Landlord Tenant Division
Tierra Love-Jones
Latisha Lee
Jennifer Petryk 616.554.0714
 Criminal Division  Elizabeth Oneill
Suzanne Cratin
Melissa Green 616.554.0711
 Probation Department  Andrew Moroski 616.656.5326
 Chief Probation Officer  Stephanie   Koperski   616.554.0778
 Probation Officers  Melissa Franks  616.554.0746
 Sobriety Court Case Manager  Andrea Zufelt  616.554.0722
 Transcript Request  Janel Yoder 616.554.0716
 Informal Hearings/Record Checks      
 Community Service Coordinator/Warrant Division/Pretrial Release Services  Jennifer Lindsey    616.554.0786
 Deputy Court Administrator  Patricia Baker  616.554.0713
62-B District Court Officers 

These are the people who have been authorized by the 62-B District Court to serve papers and to execute judgments and supervise evictions.  All of them come to the court at least once a week to pick up papers and return them to the court.

Charles Clark 616.885.2003
Shannon Grizzel (Grizzel and Associates) 616.451.0293
George Nobel (Paralegal Services)  616.451.9141
Jose B. Ontiveros (JACO Civil Process)  616.293.2355
Garth Sewers 616.245.4073