Fee Schedule

Court (62-B District)

Landlord Tenant/Summary Proceedings 
Filing Fees for Money Judgment & Possession

Filing Fees for Complaints
Claim Filing Fee
Possession Only   $55.00
Possession with Money Claims up to $ 600.00   $90.00
Possession with Money Claims from $ 600.01 to $ 1,750.00 $110.00
Possession with Money Claims from $ 1,750.01 to $ 10,000.00 $130.00
Possession with Money Claims from $ 10,000.01 to $ 25,000.00 $215.00
Land Contract Forfeiture Action    $55.00

Note: For judgments exceeding $25,000.00, Judge Sterkenburg may hear the case in District Court by a temporary appointment as a Circuit Court Judge.

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