Jurisdiction and Venue

Court (62-B District)

Jurisdiction and Venue

Small Claims Jurisdiction
The District Court has jurisdiction over all Small Claims cases with damages up to $7,000. Attorneys are not allowed to represent anyone in Small Claims court and there are no jury trials.  The matter will be heard by the court's attorney magistrate.
Venue for Small Claims Jurisdiction

As a general rule, venue in the 62-B District Court Small Claims Court is proper if:

a.   the cause of action arose in Kentwood or
b.  the defendant is established or resides or is employed in Kentwood.

If there is more than one defendant, actions shall be filed in the district in which any defendant is established or resides or is employed.  See MCL 600.8415.

Venue for the Six District Courts in Kent County

59th District Court (Grandville) - Encompasses the City of Grandville
3161 Wilson Avenue SW
Grandville, MI 49418

59th District Court (Walker) - Encompasses the City of Walker
4343 Remembrance Road NW
Walker, MI 49534

61st District Court (Grand Rapids) - Encompasses the City of Grand Rapids
180 Ottawa NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

62-A District Court (Wyoming) - Encompasses the City of Wyoming
2650 DeHoop Avenue SW
Wyoming, MI 49509

62-B District Court (Kentwood) - Encompasses the City of Kentwood
4740 Walma Ave SE
Kentwood, MI 49512

63rd District Court (Kent County) Encompasses the Cities of: Cedar Springs, East Grand Rapids, Kent City, Lowell, and Rockford; and all of the Villages and Townships in Kent County.
1950 E Beltline Avenue NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Kent County Street Directory to Determine  in Which City or Township an Address is Located. When you click on this link, the Kent County Street Directory will appear. You can use the Find Feature to locate a street by pressing Ctrl-F and then inputting the name of the street. The third column will inform you if Both (B) sides of the street or just the Odd (O) side of the street or the Even side of the street are in a particular jurisdiction. The fifth column will inform you of the proper political jurisdiction.

Map of the City of Kentwood This is a detailed Adobe PDF version of the map that will allow you to zoom in to the street level and search by street names. This map may take considerable time to download over slower (dial-up) connections.