Court (62-B District)


Welcome to the 62-B District Court Traffic Division. The traffic division is responsible for processing traffic citations, scheduling informal hearings over traffic citations, and collecting payments from the traffic citations.

Please contact our Traffic Clerk at 616.455.2365 with any questions.

Note: For points on your license or other inquiries to points, please contact the Michigan Secretary of State.

Paying Tickets and Fines

When are payments due?
All fines and costs are due in full at the time of sentencing. You can pay with cash, money orders, cashier checks, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover.
Paying a parking ticket or court cost
All fines and costs are due in full at the time of sentencing. We accept money orders, cashier's checks, cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa or ACH. Checks or money order payments should be made payable to 62-B District Court. 

While we accept cash during business hours, please do not mail cash or leave cash in the overnight drop box.
Court collection policy
If you do not pay your fines and costs according to your payment schedule, you may have your driver's license suspended or a bench warrant issued for your arrest. Click here to view the court's collection policy.

Payment Options

What if I can't pay in full?
If you cannot pay in full, you may set up a payment plan, including ACH. You may contact the Collections Clerk at 616.455.2365 or 616.554.0811 to make arrangements.

If you do not comply with the plan, the court will prepare a bench warrant for your arrest. If there is a change in your financial circumstances, you must contact the Collections Clerk to ask for a change of the payment plans and provide proof of the changes. Due to high call volumes, messages may take several days to return.

Payments must be received on or before the due date each month until paid in full.
Making a payment in person

The court is open The court is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday – 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Tuesday – 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m., and Friday – 7:30 a.m.-noon.  The court offers a self-serve payment station as well as a touch-screen kiosk at the Kentwood Justice Center, 4740 Walma Ave. SE.

The kiosk allows individuals to check in for court remotely and receive a text message when it is their turn to enter the courtroom. Individuals can also visit the kiosk during business hours to make a payment or place court documents in its secure drop box.

In addition to English, the kiosk’s software offers five other languages to serve the diverse Kentwood community: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Kinyarwanda, Korean and Spanish.

May be dropped in 62-B District Court Depository box by the Kentwood Justice Center front door. Please use an envelope. Do not put cash in the drop box. 

Additionally, individuals can make payments online by visiting or scanning the QR code located on your payment plan agreement or on the sign in front of the Kentwood Justice Center, 4740 Walma Ave. SE.

Make a payment online

The 62-B District Court is pleased to provide an online payment option to our community. It is our hope that this service will be a convenient and efficient method to settle accounts with the court. Pay online here

Telephone payments
Call 616.698.9310 and select Option 2.  Please have your credit card ready. The card must be in the caller’s name, and payments will be posted within one to two business days.
Mailing payments

Cashier's check or money-order payments made payable to 62-B District Court may be mailed to:

62-B District Court
4740 Walma Ave SE
Kentwood, MI 49512

Please clearly print your name and date of birth and case number on all checks and money orders for proper processing. Personal checks will only be accepted on cases that are not late and must be drawn from a Michigan bank account. No out-of-state checks will be accepted. The court does not accept starter checks. Do not mail cash. 

Filing a Pleading

How do I file a pleading?
To file a pleading, please complete this online form and upload your filing as a Word Document or PDF. Your pleading must be electronically signed with an electronic encryption program that ensures authenticity. If not signed appropriately, the filing will not be accepted.