Construction Projects



A map of the City of Kentwood's 2020 Street Resurfacing and Rehabilitation Program can be viewed here. Major streets scheduled for maintenance include:

  • East Paris Avenue from 52nd Street to 60th Street
  • 52nd Street from Division Avenue to Kellogg Woods Drive
  • 29th Street from west City limits near Breton Avenue to 28th Street
  • 44th Street from Breton Avenue to Shaffer Avenue
  • Reconstruction of Roger B. Chaffee Memorial Boulevard

Message boards on major streets will give commuters advance notice of when closures will begin. Commuters can also receive updates via the City’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter) and the listing of projects below. 

Public information meeting - Oct. 1

The City of Kentwood is finalizing plans for the reconstruction of Andover Street, Heyboer Avenue, Lyles Street, Blaine Avenue, 51st Street and Brinks Street, with work expected to begin in April 2021. These streets have deteriorated beyond the point at which minimally disruptive maintenance treatments are effective and need major reconstruction.  

Consistent with Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders, to avoid unneeded personal contact, and to otherwise minimize the spread of the COVID–19 virus during the pandemic, and in accordance with Executive Order 2020-154 allowing electronic meetings, the City of Kentwood has scheduled an online public information meeting for Thursday, Oct. 1 at 7 p.m.  Members of the public and others wishing to attend or participate may do so electronically by joining the Zoom meeting online or by phone. For information on how to join and participate in an electronic meeting, see the Meetings of the Week webpage the week of the meeting. Design plans can be viewed here.

Special Accommodations: Persons with impairments or disabilities needing accommodations to participate in the meeting or persons who need language interpretation services may contact the City Clerk at  or 616-554-0730 at least 36 hours before the meeting to make arrangements for appropriate accommodation. 

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44th Street Rehabilitation - Breton Ave to Shaffer Ave
April 13  - August 14
Construction Cost $1,553,000

52nd Street Reconstruction - Division Ave to Kellogg Woods Dr
Replace watermain, adding sidewalk, storm sewer, and sanitary sewer
July - August 28
Construction Cost $470,000

29th Street Resurfacing - West City Limits to  28th St
early August - end of August
Construction Cost $1,300,000

Watermain Replacement
Andover St, Heyboer Ave, Sunny Creek St
May - August
Construction Cost $824,000

Burton and East Paris Intersection Improvements 
Add right turn lane on west bound Burton and south bound East Paris and new traffic signal
August - end of September
Construction Cost $500,000

Roger B Chaffee Dr
Replace watermain, adding sidewalk (1 side) and delineating cul-de-sac
May - early October
Construction Cost $600,000

***Construction cost are estimates

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The City of Kentwood maintains one of the highest-rated major street networks in Kent County according to hard data compiled by the Grand Valley Metro Council, which is based on PASER ratings.

The PASER scale is a 1-10 rating system for road pavement condition developed by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Transportation Information Center. PASER uses visual inspection to evaluate pavement surface conditions. PASER ratings provide a basis for comparing the quality of roadway segments. You can view an interactive map showing Kentwood’s PASER ratings year by year here.

The Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council, or TAMC, is another resource for independent, objective data on the condition of Michigan's roads and bridges and a resource for implementing the concepts of Asset Management. TAMC’s interactive maps can be found here.

To view a map of Grand Rapids area road construction, visit Grand Valley Metro Council's website

Other Ways to Stay Up-to-Date
You can visit the City's Facebook and Twitter for road work notices and reminders. Follow MDOT's Grand Region on Twitter for updates as well.