Rental Inspections


Rental Inspections

All rental dwellings within the City of Kentwood are required to be registered and inspected by the Kentwood Inspections Department in accordance with City Ordinance 7-17- and City Ordinance 3-22 Rental Dwelling Inspection Program.

To register your rental dwelling, please complete the “Rental Registration Application

Email to:
Reneé Hargrave

Mail to:
City of Kentwood
Inspections Department
P.O. Box 8848
Kentwood, MI 49518-8848

In order to receive a Certificate of Compliance, the rental dwelling must pass a rental inspection which follows the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). Inspection fees, which are listed below, are charged to the owner. When the rental dwelling is in compliance and all fees have been paid, a Certificate of Compliance will be mailed, which is valid for a minimum of two (2) years.

Schedule a Rental Inspection:
Rental Inspector - Lekesha Shaughnessy

Kentwood Rental Inspection Guidelines

Rental Inspection Fees  - May 1, 2024
Single Rental Unit: $80.00/Unit
Multiple Rental Units: $40.00/Unit
Duplex (non-owner occupied): $100.00/Duplex
Re-inspection: $100.00/Unit
Missed appointment: $50.00
Compliance Certification - no fee prior to expiration: $100 for expired
Administrative Fee for Expired Certification or Occupied without Certification: $500/Unit
Appeal Fee - Refunded if appeal is won: $1,000

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Penalties for non-compliance with City Code
If a property is not registered as required or does not have a Certificate of Compliance, a notice of violation will be issued. If the property thereafter remains in violation, a civil infraction citation will be issued, which will schedule a court date for a hearing.

Notice of Violation: $65.00
Civil Infraction Citation (first offense only): $130.00

Some issues to be particularly aware of under the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC)

  • Smoke detectors: all bedrooms, one in the hallway outside the bedrooms, and one on each level
  • Window screens: must be installed and in good repair without holes or splits
  • Hand Railings, Guard Rails: must be present where needed and solidly attached
  • Holes in Walls: none present
  • Roofing and Siding: attached to structure with none absent
  • Egress in lower level: If bedroom is in lower floor, an egress window or door must be present in the bedroom.
  • Condition of walls, ceilings, floors, floor covering must be in good repair and free from mold or mildew
  • Door Locks must be present on outside doors
  • Glazing must be in tacked (no broken windows)
  • Decks will be inspected to ensure code is met with rail height and supports
  • Plumbing leaks must not be present
  • Premises Identification (house numbers) must be attached to structure in plain site from street.
  • Accessory Structures, i.e.: sheds, pools, fences will be inspected for code compliance and in good working order.
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