Park Volunteer Programs

Parks and Recreation

Park Volunteer Programs
Support Kentwood’s initiative to preserve and maintain its parks, trails, and public spaces. 

Join The Kentwood Park Stewards
The Kentwood Park Stewards support the City of Kentwood by helping preserve and maintain Kentwood’s parks, trails, and public spaces through invasive species control, native habitat restoration and park beautification. Learn more at

Adopt-A-Park or Trail
Help us keep our Parks and Trails clean and safe for the Kentwood community. This is an opportunity for local businesses, organizations, families and friends to support the mission of the Parks and Recreation Department by improving the overall quality of life for all of Kentwood. Details on the Adopt-A-Park or Trail program can be found online at

Become a Trail Patrol Volunteer
Want to make a difference in our community and have fun doing it? Our Police Department is looking for volunteers to help patrol City parks and trails. Volunteers will provide assistance to trail and park users and report issues such as maintenance needs, ordinance violations, vandalism and illegal or suspicious activity.  For more information about our Trail Patrol Volunteer program, visit or contact Volunteer Coordinator Vicki Highland at 616.656.6571 or

Similar to the Michigan Department of Transportation's Adopt-A-Road, Kentwood’s Adopt-A-Street program allows residents to volunteer to pick up litter to keep local roads clean and safe. All types of City streets may be adopted, including two-lane, limited access, boulevards and business routes. Neighborhood groups, service organizations, schools, scout troops, senior groups and businesses are encouraged to get involved.  Find more information at

Let us know what parks or trails you'd like to help with: