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City Charter and Code of Ordinances

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Temporary signs including, but not limited to, those advertising garage sales, yard sales and real estate signs, must be kept on the lot that is for sale or on the lot where the activity is taking place. These signs may not be placed on public property, such as telephone poles or in the public right-of-way (the section between the sidewalk and street), without the consent and authorization of the appropriate official. For further information, please contact our Code Enforcement Unit at 616.656.6574. To file a complaint, please complete our online form.

Vehicles may be parked legally on City streets. Vehicles parked in the front yard may be parked within enclosed garages, upon a driveway, or under a carport. Vehicles cannot be parked in the right-of-way (the section between the sidewalk and street) or on the grass. Between Nov. 15 and March 15, street parking is not allowed from 1 a.m. to 8 a.m. to allow for snow removal. This applies to all streets in the City of Kentwood.

Repair of Cars
The owner of a residential home may repair their car on site only if the repair is conducted within an enclosed building, such as a garage.

All fences and walls exceeding 30” in height requires a zoning permit. Requests will be reviewed and approved by the zoning administrator prior to construction.

If you have a disagreement with your neighbor that cannot be worked out, the Dispute Resolution Center of West Michigan can be contacted for assistance. The Dispute Resolution Center can help with disagreements over the location of a fence, property damage, tree issues, family disputes and other issues. The Dispute Resolution Center can be contacted at 616.774.0121.

snow removal
Residents are responsible for removing two or more inches of snow, ice and other obstructions from the sidewalk in front of their home as well as from around fire hydrants. Snow piles must not be placed in the street, on sidewalks or on other areas that may impede vision of motorists or pedestrians. Snow may not be piled upon adjacent property owners’ land without their permission. Snow removal must take place within 24 hours of snow fall cessation.

Lots must be landscaped with grass. Lots cannot substitute gravel, wood chips or other non-vegetative materials for grass. This does not exclude the allowance for the decorative use of such materials. With some minor exceptions, such as undeveloped lots in developing sub-divisions, lots must have their grass mowed and may not have grass growth over six (6) inches in height.

Selling of Cars
Selling of cars or other automobiles is prohibited  unless they are owned by the property owner or the vehicle owner has permission of the property owner to display the vehicle for sale. The sale is limited to no more than two vehicles within a calendar year. Placement of such a vehicle is limited to the driveway or other hard-surface parking area.

Recreational equipment including, but not limited to, RV's, trailers and boats may not be stored in the front yard.  Recreational vehicles and equipment owned by a residential property owner must be stored in the rear yard unless it is not feasible to do so, then they may be stored within a side yard, provided they are placed as far from adjoining lot lines as possible. For corner lots, recreational vehicles cannot be stored in either yard fronting a street and must either be stored in the rear yard or the side yard that borders additional property. Open storage of unlicensed or inoperable recreational vehicles or other equipment is prohibited. Recreational vehicles may not be parked upon a public street, road right-of-way, or within a public utility easement or right-of-way. Exception: RV/boats, etc. can be parked in the driveway 40 hours before and after use for cleaning, loading, etc.

Household Garbage
One or more garbage containers with tightly-fitted lids must be used for the disposal of household refuse. Such containers shall be stored inside a building or at the rear or side of a building. Containers must not be placed out for collection before 6:00 PM on the preceding day scheduled for collection. Junk, trash, rubbish or similar materials must not be allowed to accumulate on any property. Refrigerators and freezers, when discarded, must have their latches, locks or doors removed from them.