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Please Note: The crime mapping portal is currently down and undergoing maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Any questions may be directed to

The Kentwood Police Department makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, about the accuracy , completeness, timeliness, or correct sequence of the information. The Kentwood Police Department is not responsible for any error or omission, the use of, or the results obtained from the use of this information. Attempts to derive specific addresses are strictly prohibited. Any use of the information for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. If you have any questions on how to navigate city protect, feel free to contact us at (616)-656-6628 or by email at 

View the Crime Map:  Zoom into Michigan and the city of Kentwood.  Click 'view agency page'.  Then select 'I would like to explore: The crime map'. Once there you can view the most recent incidents by zooming in and clicking on the incident icon. You will be provided with a sanitized address, date, time, case number, agency, and incident description. 

Sign Up for Incident Updates:  Citizens have the option to sign up for incident updates. Once you click sign up, be sure to zoom into the neighborhood or area where you would like to receive updates for. You can choose to have updates emailed directly to you daily, weekly or monthly. 

Filters: When viewing the map, be sure to click "filters" in the top left corner and make sure the date range in which you are viewing is large enough to populate data on the map (past week or month).  If you do not change this criteria, it will automatically default to the past weeks’ worth of data.  

City Protect Filters