Road Patrol

Patrol Division

Road Patrol
Patrol officers have various duties which include conducting initial and follow-up criminal investigations, enforcing traffic laws, investigating traffic crashes, arresting persons who have committed criminal offenses and those persons who have arrest warrants, testifying in court, and investigating suspicious persons and situations. 

Patrol officers additionally spend time building positive relationships within the community through meeting with business owners, residents, schools, churches, care facilities and other community partners.  Furthermore, officers patrolling the City proactively monitor situations that may put residents or businesses at risk of victimization and inform them of measures to increase safety and security.

Sergeants have additional various duties, including overseeing Department employees in investigation of crimes and supervising at the scene of critical incidents.  Sergeants are also responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Department, including:  scheduling, briefing patrol staff of pertinent information and current events, citizen complaints, and the review and approval of completed police reports.

The City of Kentwood is divided into three separate patrol districts.  This helps to ensure efficient use of Department resources and to provide for the most efficient service to the community.

Officer Willshire - Kentwood Police Department from SaboPR on Vimeo.