Recruitment Team


In 2017, the Kentwood Police Department established a team of officers specifically aimed at recruiting police officers and police cadets.  The team consists of six officers who have taken on additional duties to visit various schools, colleges, and universities throughout the State of Michigan. Officers meet with prospective individuals pursuing a career in law enforcement to discuss the many benefits of choosing a career with the Kentwood Police Department.

In addition, the recruitment team members spend time visiting various police academies to meet with current recruits, as well as program directors, to build relationships and share information about the Kentwood Police Department.  The recruitment team has already demonstrated to be productive in increasing a qualified and diverse pool of applicants in our most recent hiring process.  As time goes on, the need to be progressive in searching for qualified candidates is imperative.  We are seeking officers with high integrity and character to serve our community with excellence.  Team members with great attitudes and a desire to problem solve in our diverse community is of the utmost importance.  The recruitment team assists in this by being proactive and sharing a unified vision of the overall recruitment goals of the Kentwood Police Department.

Sponosred Recruit Digital Flyer


ofc. ryan smith 
phone: 616-656-6685