Winter Maintenance

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Winter Maintenance

Michigan is a great place to live, though winters can present some challenges. Cold weather and snow require certain maintenance for residents and business owners. We have included some resources and information below for the cold months of winter. To jump ahead to any section, click the following links:

Please do not park on any public streets between 1 a.m. and 8 a.m. between Nov. 15 and March 15.  Additionally, parking is not allowed during times when street parking could make it difficult for, or prevent snow removal. 

This effort greatly improves our ability to clear the streets of snow and ice. Those parked on the streets during these hours are subject to ticketing. More information on the City of Kentwood's code ordinances is available here on our website.

Winter Ordinances 
Use the links below to learn more about winter ordinances.

When is my street going to be plowed?

The City of Kentwood’s Department of Public Works prioritizes winter operations from highest-volume street to lowest-volume street in the following order:

  1. Major streets within the City of Kentwood with the most traffic are the first priority when it comes to snow removal. A few examples of major streets are 44th Street, 52nd Street, Kalamazoo Avenue and Eastern Avenue. We plow and salt the major routes first during a snow event.
  2. Collector streets are the “main” streets throughout many of the subdivisions where residents live. They act as the most effective way to enter or exit an area adjacent to the major streets. These routes are plowed and salted after the major streets have been cleared and are as safe as possible to travel on. Some examples of collector streets are Baileys Grove Drive, Stauffer Avenue and Gentian Avenue.
  3. Local streets are those within subdivisions.  We plow these once the collectors are cleared and safe for travel.  We typically do not spread salt on the local streets.
  4. Cul-de-sacs/stub streets are plowed last with smaller trucks. We direct the snow to areas in cul-de-sacs that are suitable for snow storage. Please make sure all items are removed from cul-de-sacs, such as soccer goals, portable basketball hoops and any other miscellaneous items.

There are many times when we have finished one classification of street and moved into another and Mother Nature decides to disrupt our plan. In these cases, as the major roads deteriorate, we will shift our attention back to them and then the cycle starts over.

The City of Kentwood’s Department of Public Works makes every attempt to have all the roads cleared within 24 hours after the snow event has ended. During most snow events, our crews work around-the-clock with trucks on the road 24 hours a day, sometimes for several days in a row. 

Clearing of Sidewalks 

Please remember that property owners are responsible for clearing two or more inches of snow, ice and other obstructions from the sidewalks in front of their homes and businesses. While the City plows certain sidewalks, this is done only once during a snow event. For snowfalls that last longer, please be sure to clear the walkways on your property – personal and business. We want to ensure our streets and sidewalks are safe for everyone using them. Many people use our sidewalks from children, to winter runners to those living with physical disabilities.

We appreciate your help in keeping our pathways clear for everyone to use and enjoy! 

Click here to view a map of the sidewalks the City plows. More information on the City of Kentwood's code ordinances is available here on our website.

Fire Hydrant Maintenance 

If there is a fire hydrant on your property, it is your responsibility to keep it clear. Please shovel a clear path from the street to the hydrant, and three feet around the hydrant. Keeping hydrants clear will save precious seconds in case of emergencies. 

SnowPlow Damage

If a City snowplow has damaged your mailbox or other personal property, please visit our Report an Issue page. Someone from the City will be contacting you within two business days. 

Any mailbox damaged as a result of plowing or scraping the roadway, the City, after an inspection by staff, and with a current and valid receipt, will reimburse up to $70 for the mailbox and/or post. Claimants must notify the Department of Public Works within 30 days of the incident to be considered.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to properly install the mailbox and/or post according to the USPS standard guidelines. Once installed, the Department of Public Works staff will re-inspect. 

Please see the full policy here for more details regarding damage reporting and reimbursement procedures.

For an inspection or to report damage to your mailbox, contact the Department of Public Works at 616.554.0817 or


Snow Removal Assistance

There are some local agencies that may be able to provide help. Some suggestions are the Red Cross, United Way (2-1-1 on your phone) or even your neighborhood association. Other resources such as your local church, a private contractor, family members, or neighbors could all be of assistance as well.

Seniors can also connect with the following resources:  Veterans may have access to additional resources through the following groups: 
The City of Kentwood does not provide any snow removal services for driveways or sidewalks.

Winter Tips
Before and throughout the winter months, the following tips can help ensure you’re ready for the winter season and its associated weather and maintenance.


  • Check your mailbox: In the fall, check your mailbox to ensure it is stable enough for the upcoming months of winter weather. You can do this by giving your mailbox a good shake. Check out this video from our Department of Public Works to see how.


  • Trash cans: On trash collection day, place your trash cans behind the curb rather than on the street. This will help prevent your trash cans from being knocked over by plows or snow.
  • Driveways: To help avoid large snow pile ups at the end of your driveway, be sure to keep regularly shovel or snow blow the end of your driveway like in this graphic. Plows naturally push some snow into the end of each driveway and regular shoveling/snow blowing will help keep these piles from becoming too large.

Preventing Frozen Water Pipes and Meters

When below-freezing temperatures are sustained over a few days, water pipes and meters that are close to cold air may freeze. Property owners are responsible for protecting both water pipes and the water meter from damage. Kentwood Utilities offers tips for how to help prevent water pipes and meters from freezing, which are available here

Vacation House Checks 

The Volunteers in Police Service program of the Kentwood Police Department offers free vacation house checks to Kentwood residents. Trained volunteers will perform an inspection of your property while you are away for at least a week and up to six months. 

Forms are available online through the Kentwood Police Department. For more information, contact volunteer coordinator Vicki Highland at 616.656.6571 or