City of Kentwood Treasurer

The Treasurer's Office oversees all funds that pass through the City and is responsible for all monetary collections including property taxes, special assessments, water and sewer billings, building permits, rehab loans, miscellaneous billings, and other city charges.

Through our website, you have the ability to pay your bills, including your taxes. 

The Treasurer's Office provides assistance and information in the following areas:

  • Property tax
  • Special assessment information
  • Utility bill payments
  • Inspection permits and invoice payments


The City of Kenwood offers ACH processing for Utility Water Payments!  ACH is a free option to make electronic payments to the City of Kentwood without exchanging cash or checks. You have the option the setting up recurring billing, to ensure bills are paid on time each quarter. ACH is not only convenient, it's also one of the most secure forms payment. 

If you are interested in signing up for ACH billing, please complete this form and return it to the City. You can email the form to

You can also drop off the form or mail it to:

Kentwood Water Division 
5068 Breton Rd. SE 
Kentwood, MI 49508


  • Summer taxes will be mailed the first week in July and will be due on Aug. 20. 
  • Winter taxes will be mailed the first week in December and will be due on Feb. 14. 
  • All unpaid property taxes are transferred to the Kent County Treasurer’s Office for collections on March 1.

Summer tax deferments are available to qualifying taxpayers. Applications must be filed with the Treasurer’s office by Sept. 15.


Phone: 616.554.0761
Fax: 616.554.0796

Mailing Address:
4900 Breton Ave., SE 
P.O. Box 8848
Kentwood, MI 49508