Board Of Review

Board Of Review

Board Expectations

The Kentwood Board of Review hears appeals from property owners regarding the assessed valuation of real and personal property within the City of Kentwood. Residents who are interested in the Board of Review should be aware of property assessment procedures, as well as appraisal/audit procedures. The Board of Review is comprised of members with diverse backgrounds and knowledge, particularly in the appraisal, real estate or legal field. While experience and training in these areas are not required, applicants for the Board of Review will be provided the opportunity to increase their knowledge in these areas. This Board is appointed with terms of two years. The Board currently has three members and one alternate. The Kentwood Board of Review meets one to three weeks in March, one day in July and one day in December of each year.


The Board of Review meets three times per year in March, July and December. Members serve for two-year terms.


  • Amy Hayes
  • Phil Kennedy
  • Rob Langerak
  • Alternate (Vacant)

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