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City of Kentwood Development Guide

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Kentwood! This page is structured to put important resources for development projects in a convenient location.

Starting and Operating a Business

Congratulations! Owning your own business is an exciting adventure, and we are thrilled that you are considering Kentwood as a potential home for your workplace. Whether you're just getting started or looking to relocate or expand in Kentwood, please explore our online guide to starting and operating a business in our community. We also welcome you to view our Economic Development Corporation brochure to learn more about what the City of Kentwood has to offer.

Community Development Review Process/Procedures

Once a concept is developed, we encourage a pre-application meeting to help answer questions and ensure the idea fits within planning and zoning requirements. Please review the Pre-Application Meeting Checklist to see if you are ready for a pre-application meeting and then contact Lisa Golder at

Flowcharts outlining the process for different development projects are below:

  • Planning Department - General Development and Approval (site plan, special land use, PUD, etc.)
  • Engineering/Inspections - General Building (industrial, commercial and homes more than 3,500 square feet)
  • Engineering/Inspections - Single Family Residential (single family or duplex home less than 3,500 square feet)
  • Engineering/Inspections - Development (project involving site work, earth moving, a parking lot, utilities, etc.)

When you’re ready for next steps, explore our Planning Department Forms and Applications. This webpage includes a robust list of relevant forms and applications for businesses, including fee schedules and permits.

In addition, you can visit our Zoning Ordinance webpage, which includes a guide to help property owners navigate the City of Kentwood Zoning Ordinance.

Additional Resources

The following list includes direct links to more helpful information, forms and applications for businesses:

We hope you find this information helpful to bring your idea from concept to reality. Feel free to reach out to us if we can help along the way:

Redevelopment Ready Communities 
Kentwood is pursuing certification as a Redevelopment Ready Community®. Redevelopment Ready Communities focus on growth in the community like attracting new investors, businesses and residents through targeted and strategic planning. This is awarded to communities that demonstrate an active partnership with residents in an effort to create a vibrant community. 

Through this process, the City of Kentwood will be following best practices outlined by the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. This includes: 
  • Community Plans and Public Outreach 
  • Zoning Regulations 
  • Development Review Process 
  • Recruitment and Education 
  • Redevelopment Ready Sites®
  • Community Prosperity 
Redevelopment Ready Community Best Practices are put together by Michigan Economic Development Corporation.