62-B District Court COVID-19 Update

62-B District Court COVID-19 Update

May 13 Update: The 62-B District Court has returned to Phase Two of the Plan to Return to Full Capacity. For more information, click here.

If you need assistance please contact the court at 616.698.9310 or 616.554.0715.

If making a payment, you may pay:

If you are filing a civil matter:

Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order No. 2020-6 expanded authority for Judicial Officers to Conduct Proceedings Remotely: 

On order of the Court, pursuant to 1963 Const, Art VL Sec 4, which provides for the Supreme Court's general superintending control over all state courts, the Court authorizes judicial officers to conduct proceedings remotely (whether physically present in the courtroom or elsewhere) using two-·way interactive videoconferencing technology or other remote participation tools under the following conditions: 

  • any such procedures must be consistent with a party's Constitutional rights;
  • the procedure must enable confidential communication between a party and the party's counsel;
  • access to the proceeding must be provided to the public either during the proceeding or immediately after via access to a video recording of the proceeding, unless the proceeding is closed or access would otherwise be limited by statute or rule;
  • the procedure must enable the person conducting or administering the procedure to create a recording sufficient to enable a transcript to be produced subsequent to the activity.

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Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. For all updates regarding City of Kentwood operations in response to COVID-19, go to: kentwood.us/COVID.