Sprinkling Ban for Wyoming Water Customers Lifted  - Aug. 20 Update

Aug. 20 Update - SPrinkling Ban Lifted

The sprinkling ban on Wyoming water users is officially lifted (5 days early!) thanks to the hard work of staff, contractors and municipal partners. We are most grateful to everyone who limited their water use during this time. We know it was difficult, but ultimately, it allowed us to protect the health and safety of all 230,000 users of our water system. Cheers to you all for playing your part and looking out for one another. 

We encourage you to visit www.wyomingmi.gov/SprinklingBan to learn more about what took place and the effort it takes to tackle an emergency repair like this one. Again, we are so grateful for your assistance throughout this time. Please continue to help us spread this great news. Happy sprinkling!


The City of Wyoming water treatment plant serves our water system and many other municipalities extending from Kentwood to the lakeshore. We need our drinking water customers to stop using water for irrigation until further notice. We expect this aprinkling ban to last no longer than two weeks. This is due to an emergency repair of one of the Wyoming Water System’s two main water transmission mains. This means no sprinklers or irrigation systems can be used while the repair takes place. Together, we can reduce water demand during this critical time. 

We don’t want our customers to experience changes in water pressure. Low water pressure is obnoxious and may lead to challenges like boil water advisories. If the water pressure is maintained, water quality is maintained. Water customers like you can help by eliminating sprinkling for a short time. Rest assured that our water remains safe and drinkable so long as the water pressure is maintained. The emergency repair itself doesn’t impact water quality. That’s why it is important to follow this temporary sprinkling ban.

In general, if you reside west of Breton Avenue, the City of Wyoming supplies your water and the City of Kentwood services your water and sewer. If you reside east of Breton Avenue the City of Grand Rapids supplies and services your water and sewer.  Click here to see a map showing the water district impacted by the sprinkling ban. Visit www.wyomingmi.gov/SprinklingBan for more information about the sprinkling ban.