62-B District Court of Kentwood Offering New Innovative Kiosk

62-B District Court of Kentwood Offering New Innovative Kiosk

Kiosk in the Kentwood Justice Center
The City of Kentwood’s 62-B District Court is now offering a new and innovative kiosk to maintain public safety during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide better access to court services.

The touch-screen kiosk is the first of its kind in Kent County that allows individuals to check-in for court remotely and receive a text message when it is their turn to enter the courtroom. Individuals can also visit the kiosk during business hours, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, to make a payment or place court documents in its secure drop box.

Additionally, individuals can make payments online by visiting 62Bdistrictcourtpay.com or scanning the QR code located in front of the Kentwood Justice Center, 4740 Walma Ave. SE.

“We are proud to be the first court in the county to offer this safe, innovative and convenient option for the community,” 62-B District Court Judge Amanda Sterkenburg said. “The kiosk allows individuals to safely conduct business with the court, which is particularly important during the current surge of the COVID-19 pandemic, and reduces time spent waiting in line or going through security protocols to enter the facility.”

Signage in front of the Kentwood Justice Center featuring the QR code used to pay court fines online

In addition to English, the kiosk’s software offers five other languages to serve the diverse Kentwood community: Arabic, Chinese (simplified), Kinyarwanda, Korean and Spanish.

The system has been operational since late December 2021 and was purchased by the court using federal Cares Act funds.

The 62-B District Court strives to earn the public’s trust and confidence by providing a fair and just forum for the resolution of civil and criminal disputes, providing services in a professional, timely and efficient manner with respect and courtesy, educating and providing services in an understandable and user-friendly fashion, being accountable for the resources invested in the court and recognizing the changing needs of the judicial system and the people it serves.

For additional information, contact Court Administrator Michele White at 616.554.0715 or whitem@kentwood.us.