About Rapid Connect: Mobility On-Demand Service for Kentwood

About Rapid Connect: Mobility On-Demand Service for Kentwood

Page 1 of the educational handout about Rapid Connect in KentwoodThe Rapid launched a new mobility service for Kentwood in January 2022 that provides a public transit option near the Broadmoor Avenue corridor.

This service, called Rapid Connect, allows customers to book rides that connect to our regular bus system in real-time via a mobile app. Smaller vehicles (Ford Transit vans) provide curb-to-curb service within the defined on-demand zone.

The area for the Rapid Connect on-demand service has been historically underserved by public transit, and this new service provides a flexible mobility option to transport customers to jobs, retail services and other critical destinations. 

In Kentwood, connections will be available at Kentwood Station/Woodland Mall (Routes 5, 6, 24, 28, 29, 27, and 44) and Kentwood City Hall (Route 44).

Explore more information, including frequently asked questions, about the Rapid Connect service in this educational handout or online at RideTheRapid.org/RapidConnect.