Courts Announce Warrant, Traffic and Parking Tickets Waiver Program

61st, 62-B and 63rd District Courts Announce Warrant, Traffic and Parking Tickets Waiver Program

The 61st District Court in Grand Rapids, the 62-B District Court in Kentwood and the 63rd District Court have announced a waiver program for individuals to comply with court orders by settling their debts without further penalty or incarceration.

Specifically, the program addresses outstanding warrants for non-compliance with a court order of fines, fees, court costs and any outstanding traffic or parking tickets that have gone into default or suspension. The waiver program will be effective April 1-30.

"This is an opportunity for people to settle past due fines with the court without penalty,” said 63rd District Court Chief Judge Jeffrey J. O’Hara. "Qualified applicants will be given fee waivers and have the ability to set up payment plans to resolve matters without the worry of additional penalties or incarceration. We all know the last two years have impacted people in many ways and as a court, we are pleased to offer this to the community during the month of April.”

“The 62-B District Court is pleased to be a part of this collaborating effort,” stated Judge Amanda Sterkenburg. “Individuals seeking to make payment can use our new lobby kiosk for a contact-free experience or speak with a clerk in person during business hours.”

The 61st, 62-B and 63rd District Courts guarantee that those who pay in full will not be jailed because of the late payment. If the account is paid in full, the courts will waive all court-imposed late fees or warrant fees except for the $45 License Suspension Reinstatement Fees.

If an individual is unable to pay in full, but makes a significant payment, the courts will work with the individual to set up a new payment plan regarding any outstanding balance and will not sentence them to jail for the inability to pay in full. Any existing driver’s license suspension will not be lifted until the account is paid in full.

Payments must be made by contacting the 61st at 616.632.5525, 62-B at 616.698.9310 or 63rd District Court at 616.632.7770 for further information.