Kentwood Fire Department Has Begun Annual Fire Hydrant Testing

The Kentwood Fire Department has begun annual spring testing and flushing of fire hydrants throughout the City.  Tests are conducted to make sure hydrants are in good repair and water flow and pressure are adequate in the event hydrants are needed during fires. 

Fire fighters open the fire hydrants to flow water during the test.  This may disturb the sediment that naturally occurs in the water mains.  You may notice a temporary drop in water pressure, and water from faucets and toilets may appear rusty or discolored from the disturbance.  Water is safe to use and generally clears within a few hours after flushing is completed.  However, to avoid stains residents in areas where hydrants are being flowed should check their water before doing laundry or running the dishwasher.  If you notice discolored water, run the cold water for a few minutes until it is clear. 

Please note that hydrant flushing and maintenance may damage landscaping around the hydrants.  The City is not responsible for repairing damage to plants, shrubs, wood chips or other objects that may be in the right-of-way.