Expanded Outdoor Business Application


Temporary Outdoor Business Expansion Application

In an effort to support Kentwood businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Kentwood has reduced regulations and expedited the site plan review process for temporary outdoor retail, food, beverage and personal service uses.

Through October 2022, retailers, restaurants and personal service businesses wanting to add expanded outdoor spaces for customers, such as exterior building aprons or parking areas, have the opportunity to apply for such allowances through the Planning Department. 

Additionally, under a temporary sign moratorium, one temporary sign of up to 32 square feet in area is allowed per business. Other restrictions in the Zoning Ordinance applicable to temporary signs, such as sign placement and similar matters, remain in effect. 

Please note, all of the City’s administrative approvals are conditioned upon compliance with state orders as interpreted and enforced upon by the Kent County Prosecutor’s Office. 


Interested businesses asked to complete an application one of the following ways:


If you have any questions, please contact to the Planning Department at 616.554.0707 or ePlanning@Kentwood.us.