Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole

Committee expectations

The Committee of the Whole functions with the express purpose of the review of items requiring discussion related to the business of the City. The Committee of the Whole is comprised of the Mayor and City Commissioners and meets with department directors prior to regular City Commission meetings for more in-depth discussion and information sharing related to City operations. This committee was formed to consolidate the former Finance, Safety, Service and Ordinance Committees. The Committee of the Whole meets for discussion on any issues the City deems necessary and makes recommendations for formal action to the City Commission. Appeals relating to the enforcement of the Kentwood Code of Ordinances are heard and decided by the Committee of the Whole.


The Committee of the Whole meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month unless otherwise posted. Members serve for four-year terms.


  • Betsy Artz, At-large Commissioner
  • Clarkston Morgan, 1st Ward Commissioner
  • Robert Coughlin, 1st Ward Commissioner
  • David Moore II, 2nd Ward Commissioner
  • Maurice Groce, At-large Commissioner
  • Jessica Ann Tyson, 2nd Ward Commissioner
  • Stephen Kepley, Mayor
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