Committees and Boards

Committees and Boards

Our City Boards, Committees and Commissions

The City of Kentwood welcomes residents to participate in a variety of boards and committees. Community involvement is the key to keeping Kentwood a great community. If you would like to serve on a board or committee, please fill out our application. We are always accepting applications.

current Open Positions

We have openings on our Arts Commission, Board of Review, Zoning Board of Appeals, Parks and Recreation Commission and Historic Preservation Commission. More information follows. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please complete a Committee Application and send it to

The Arts Commission is made up of five members who are either a resident or work within the City. The purpose of the Arts Commission is to review proposals for the outside display of art on private property that are visible from the public right of way, within the guidelines of the Zoning Ordinance. The Commission meets as needed throughout the year. Members of the Arts Commission are selected based on their knowledge and interest in public art.

The Board of Review hears appeals from property owners regarding the assessed valuation of real and personal property within the City of Kentwood. The Board meets three times per year in March, July and December. Members serve for two-year terms. The current opening is for the alternate member position who serves in the absence of a regular board member. 

The Zoning Board of Appeals is responsible for considering variances or relief from the City Zoning Ordinances as it regards building, development and land use. This is a seven-member Board that meets on the third Monday of each month at 7 p.m.  Applicants for the Zoning Board of Appeals should be able to physically inspect the area in which a zoning board variance is proposed in the community and apply City standards in a reasoned manner.  Applicants will be able to increase their knowledge with review and use of the zoning ordinance and through trainings conducted by the City attorney.

The Parks  & Recreation Commission recommends and oversees programs for parks, playgrounds and recreational areas of the City. The nine-member commission meets five times per year on the second Monday of the month at 5:15 p.m. at the Kentwood Recreation Center.

The Historic Preservation Commission is a group of seven individuals appointed by the City Commission to identify, preserve, develop and promote the City of Kentwood’s architectural, historical and cultural heritage. The commission meets monthly on the first Monday of the month at 6 p.m. Members serve for three-year terms.

Thanks for your interest in serving the community!