City of Kentwood Approves User Fee Schedule, Effective May 1


Following the completion of a user fee study and adoption by City Commission, the City of Kentwood has a new user fee schedule. This schedule, which goes into effect May 1, provides the City with a more efficient way to establish administrative rates, fees and charges. 

About User Fees

A user fee is what governments charge to cover the cost of providing a specific service, product or facility not paid for by taxes or other funding sources.

It is common for user fees to be charged for government-affiliated services and facilities in lieu of or in addition to levying taxes to cover the cost of doing business. This can include administrative services related to everything from the processing of various permits and applications to requests for records and reports, plan reviews, rental inspections and more. 

The City of Kentwood’s user fees are reviewed and updated annually as part of the budget approval process. The user fee schedule may also be amended throughout the year to account for changes in service or programming. Changes to user fees must be approved by the City Commission.

User Fee Study

Previously, most of the City-adopted fees were based on a 2002 cost allocation study. In summer 2022, the City hired a consultant to study its current user fees and determine whether they accurately accounted for the true cost of providing various services by each department. The new user fees schedule reflects this review.

Through a competitive bid process, MGT of America Consulting, LLC was engaged to provide this review and completed its study in fall 2023. The study led to the development of a new fee program that will enable the City to recover the actual costs for services provided to individuals and support the health of the City’s general fund.

Per the recommendations of MGT, the Finance Department presented the new user fee schedule to the City Commission on March 5. It was adopted and will become effective May 1.

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